Graphic Design Mindset Even For Home Projects

Last year I helped a good friend remodel and re-design her bathroom. She wanted to stay away from traditional so we went ultra modern. And since she is a graphic designer and I’m  a web designer the end was unbelievable. A little imagination and creativity go a long way.

So what did we find were the key elements to a successful bathroom redo?

Photo Courtesy of: Handy

Photo Courtesy of: Handyman Mississauga


Like kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets immediately catch the eye of the person who walks into a bathroom. They are not only high utility but if done right can be highly aesthetic. Cabinet prices range from low to extremely high. But you will be able to find elegant replacements that will suit your overall renovation plan without giving an arm and a leg.


Cabinetry and hardware can pack that one two punch that will knock the visitor off his feet. Even if you cannot accommodate the cabinetry and hardware within the same budget, a good set of hardware will make your cabinets look high end and chic. So you should definitely give it a strong consideration and if you need help, look for reputable bathroom general contractors in your area.


When it comes to selecting fixtures, make sure you do so after you have selected your cabinets, in other words, do not ever pick the fixtures first. The style of the cabinets should dictate the style of the fixtures, you would not want futuristic faucets with old rustic cabinets, the whole bathroom will look lopsided and badly put together.


Flooring adds to the ambiance and brings that decisive finish to the bathroom. Our sincere tip to you is that when considering bathroom renovations, flooring should be budgeted for and should always be part of your renovation. Furthermore, you can afford to choose expensive tiles and materials, as the bathroom space is often not large so you will not incur too much in costs, but it will greatly add to the overall look and feel of the bathroom.


Mirrors are not that expensive, the major cost if incurred will be that of framing the mirrors if you are going for an olden wood classic look. Otherwise, mirror installation is straightforward; just make sure that you choose a large mirror. There are two benefits to having a large mirror, one is that mirror make the space appear larger and two, having a larger mirror helps in getting ready.

Shower and Bath Tub

Typical North American setup is such that shower and bathtub are in the same vicinity. If you have more space maybe you can separate the two, but that requires space and money for you to work with. One option is to just have an elegant, cordoned off shower in the bathroom, other being that you only install a bathtub. Again, make sure that your big-ticket item fits the overall look and feel of the bathroom space.

We both found the project fun and rewarding, and actually learned quite a bit along the way. And of course my friend increased the value of her home substantially, it was all worth it.

How to Get Affordable Web Design Services

Aesthetic and overall design appeal are both critical factors when developing you website.

Of course if you are wise enough or concerned with minimizing expenses and generate more profit, I’m sure you’d rather find a professional Mississauga web design company.

Given the premise above, this article will discuss about online entrepreneurs and online marketers’ goal in minimizing their businesses cost expenditures by having an affordable web design services.

I hope it can help you in getting a trusted source.

Budget-friendly and Gets the Job Done

Ultimately your website needs to convert visitors into customer. Here are a couple of questions you should ask:

  • How much did you spend for it?
  • Was it worth the money?
  • Are you satisfied with the results?
  • Is it driving traffic and generating profit?

I would like to emphasize that you do not really need to spend thousands of dollars just to make your business site alive and running online.

The truth is, there are many companies or people out there that offer web design services for a low cost. Plus, you can see many of them actually provide good work output.

Let’s set this straight, I don’t recommend you prefer quantity over quality. However, I do believe that it’s preferable TO SAVE WHEN YOU CAN SAVE WITHOUT COMPROMISING QUALITY. Isn’t that hitting two birds in one stone? I say, it’s simply being practical.

Where Can You Find Affordable Web Design Services?

One place to look for them much easier is to look for them online. You can type your desired key phrases or keywords in Google and hit enter. You can also find them by looking through internet auction websites or in Yellow Pages. Or you can try out iConnect Media’s affordable web design service. They offer a free trial, so there is no risk to you!

Tips in Promoting Your Website

Just a quick reminder: Don’t neglect the power of PR rating. PR stands for Page Rank. What I mean to say is, having many visitors coming to your site is your advantage. You can achieve this by having a good page rank or rating. You would want it because the higher your page rank is, the more visitors you will likely get.

In order to increase your page rating, it’s significant to make up your site’s backlinks. One of the things you can do to make this happen is by sending an email to other websites especially those who are in the same sector to swap links with you. Therefore, it is like an exchange of links – a give and take relationship.

But don’t take shortcuts with your web design. iConnect Media is wonderful local web design company. They also offer highly effective internet marketing services.

3 High Impact Ways to Boost Your Marketing Results

Did one of your web design competitor get ahead of you?

The a feeling of being put aside just eats away, unless you do something about. The dilemma is that we often believe we will need to come up with some grand plan to achieve our business skyrocketing again.

Don’t be fooled! Getting back over the market just isn’t as tough because it seems using these high-impact, easy-to-use fixes.

1. This wonderful time Number – 1
Implement a “advertise 1 item with a time” motto on your advertising strategy. Does which means that you simply can’t SELL more than one item at any given time? No… but wait until AFTER the sale.

Every time a customer sees multiple of the product sold at unbelievably the best prices, he’s confused.

Which the first is the greater deal?

Which a person does he prefer?

These questions encourage procrastination Body of marketing’s greatest thieves. Instead, provide the consumer something that compliments his purchase in the nearby display… or even in the register. You’ll make extra profits as an alternative to losing a procurement.

2. Outsmart The competitors
Your competitors is looking for you in any usual places. Don’t go there. Quietly seek out new strategies to advertising and untouched markets to target.

Niches give you the perfect sneak tactic for reaching clients. Here’s they key… sub-divide your present market into smaller, more specific niche markets.

Familiarize yourself with all the needs and concerns of the niche, then represent yourself since the pro of their corner. Leave your rivals within the dust with the level of new prospects which will arrive.

Modernize a well used marketing technique that also includes a wallop – postcards. Yeah, these small, inexpensive marketing tools still use a personal message which is fast and simple to see, but new high-impact colors and designs that capture a person’s eye of readers. Your competition won’t be aware of that you are with these!

3. Encourage Communication
Communication is important to understanding your consumers. Encourage questions prior to sale, through the sale and after the sale. Make it simple and comfortable.

Provide convenient details on your entire sales materials, including Websites. If you’re overloaded with questions, develop a commonly asked question page where clients could possibly get the answers they require without claiming because your time and effort.

Before I leave you, be sure to check out this post about huge web mistakes to avoid.

Confused customers, tough competitors and communication mishaps won’t steal profits from your account whenever you fix some misconception using the 3 quick tips.

How to Optimize Your Website

Your web design is the face of your business online. Through designing, you are going to make an impact on your customers.

While creating any website, the basic aspects of web design are:

  1. Content-The content is the substance of the website and should be relevant to the site. It should target the customers and visitors.
  2. Usability-The site should be user-friendly with the interface and navigation system simple and reliable.
  3. Appearance-The graphics and text should include a single style that flows throughout for consistency.
  4. Visibility of the site-The site should be easy to find via most search engines. Optimization is a process of making something functional and effective. Web design optimization is a continuous process of improving the design to achieve business goals. An optimized web page loads quickly on the client’s system, so your website visitor can quickly get the information they had come for.

The reasons for optimization are varied.

These include increasing download speed, increasing its search engine ranking and applying modern web standards.

Now the question arises-whether optimization of web design is possible or not. Here, we are going to discuss the ways for optimization.

  1. Optimize Graphics For Web Use-Even today, a large number of people use dial up connection for web use. With slow browsing speed, they don’t want to wait for pages to load. And as a business owner, you can’t afford to loose a single customer. If you have a graphic intensive site, all you need to do is optimize your graphics for web use. Here optimizing means compressing the size of graphics for fast download.
  2. Emphasize On Content-Make sure that the content of the website is laid out effectively. If you only concentrate on look and ignore the content, you can’t make an impact on your customers. You need to provide a concise, convincing message and information about your website, if you want your visitors to buy your product or service. Make sure that your content is simple and easy to understand.
  3. Install A Navigation System That Compliments Search Engines-Navigation systems are built to help visitors find their way around your website. Therefore, they should be designed carefully to make them search engine friendly. Search engines need a chain of hypertext links starting at your home page that will take them page by page in your entire site. The problem is that if JavaScript and flash systems replace plain hyperlinks, the search engine may not be able to find the underlying pages. You can optimize the flash and images for better use and quick downloading.
  4. Emphasize On Color, Shapes And Font Size-Things like color, shape and sizes of font can make a big impact on overall message. Using blue, green, silver, grey as color can create a calm effect. Using rounded corners instead of hard edges within your design can enable a soft and personalized feeling.
  5. Keep It Simple- Look at some successful websites like Google that is very simple. Do not use bloated features. Keep your goals as well as visitor’s needs in mind when adding a features.

The Quick Start Guide to Web Design

Do you need to earn money through the Internet however, you don’t have enough experience or capital to begin your own web business? You need not worry, for several online marketing options exists for you to focus on.

One of those options, and shall I say the best, is affiliate marketing. Here’s a post about marketing tips (especially online).

Affiliate marketing online provides first-time web marketers as you the chance market something online even with no your own personal product to offer. All you have to do is always to subscribe with an affiliate product, that’s usually owned by a web based merchant or retailer, and commence picking the items you wish to promote. As an affiliate marketer, you are paid with the merchant on your services on the commission basis, which is whenever you have directed a visitor for the merchant’s site as well as the visitor actually buys something.

Just as one affiliate within an affiliate network is usually easy and quick, and for most affiliate programs, registering is also free. But despite these and all sorts of benefits being promised by affiliate products, everybody is still not wanting to end up in online marketing. One with the logic behind why a lot of people remain hesitant may be the not enough a web site to start marketing his affiliate products with. This now leads us towards the question of whether an internet site is necessary or necessary in online marketing or otherwise not.

A lot of people state that it’s possible to do online marketing even with out a website to commence with. Actually, you can really start promoting and marketing his affiliate products and programs even without a website; high exist plenty of ways on what this can be accomplished. In reality, many affiliate marketing online strategies that leads to success can exist without actually needing an internet site. Among these strategies are email marketing, offline promotions, writing e-books, writing ezines and interesting in online discussions like forums, chats, message boards while others.

Email Marketing

Marketing with email, or maintaining subscriber lists, is definitely the most famous online marketing strategy that does not require affiliate to take care of an internet site. In this online marketing strategy, everything you basically do is conserve a listing of the email ads of your respective prospective customers and still provide them articles which might be relevant using the affiliate programs you’re promoting. Articles that you provide your contacts with do not need to continually be promotional, for many people find one of those email annoying. Rather, it might be better should you provide them with something informative and simply add small text ads that connect to your merchant’s site.

Offline Promotion

There are numerous ways on what it is possible to market your affiliate products offline. Among the regular medium used for such promotions are sorted ads, brochures and flyers. Classified ads would generally are more effective in comparison to the other two because ads in periodicals often get a wider audience.

Writing Free e-books

For those who have a knack on paper, writing an e-book could possibly be the simplest way that you can market your affiliate programs without an authentic website. Just as with emails and newsletters, your potential customers would better thank you for your e-book when not too promotional but instead informative. Make sure, however, to help make the belongings in your e-books in accordance with the particular affiliate products and programs you’re promoting. And exactly like in e-mail marketing, you can easily place text ads or banners somewhere close to the end of your respective e-book that links to the merchant’s site.

Writing Free Ezines

Ezines are publications or articles that try to inform individuals in regards to a particular topic. If you don’t have a website yet want to be a joint venture partner, you’ll be able to well use ezines to promote your affiliate products and programs as well as to insert links for your merchant’s site. If you do have a website, your ezine article could actually are very effective as content on your site. But as you don’t have any website, you can easily submit your free article dashboard to numerous websites that hosts ezines, like, while others.

Online discussions

With or without a website, you merely can’t ignore online discussions because they’re great venues for marketing your online programs. In chats, forums, community forums and discussion boards with topics related to your products, you can easily find people who may be interested using the products you might be promoting.

With all of these strategies, it could appear that particular really doesn’t call for a website to start marketing his affiliate products and promoting his affiliate programs. Well, beginning in an affiliate marketer program with no website might be easy, but getting successful in online marketing without having a website is something else. While you can actually gain enormous success in online marketing even with out a website, it is a rare instance that “newbies” as you can reach the same numbers of success.

Using a web site is not just a pre-requisite in entering into a joint venture partner program, unless otherwise this system owner would need you to get one. But although so, I might still recommend that you have yourself an online site, otherwise now, you need to later. Having a website creates a lot of advantages in affiliate marketing. For just one, it offers that you simply place where one can creatively promote not simply your affiliate programs but all your affiliate products and programs. With a website, it’s also possible to advertise your affiliate programs to some wider market.

Of course you can always find a great web design services, if you don’t want to do it yourself.  But creating a website is not only a requirement in affiliate marketing online. But with all the advantages that the website offers, I’d favour one for me and earn affiliate marketing online easier for me.

The Fundamentals of Good Design

While trying to find innovative methods to make their websites work, new designers should stick to the established design conventions. These conventions have evolved along with the Internet, and users expect web design to operate within a certain way.

If there was just one or two websites, designers could expect website visitors to spend time finding out how to navigate their sites. There are plenty of pages on the net, however, if visitors tend not to see what they’ve arrived at expect, they’re going to discover the site challenging to use and just turn away.

Designers could lose quite a lot of traffic should they tend not to stick to the design conventions which may have already been imposed online on a website. With no designer really wants to invest some time on writing large help files or FAQs only to inform you of that to train on a site. The web is often a competitive place, and a lot of the time, visitors only will leave a site instead of try to process an undesirable design.

The structure conventions for websites are pretty straight forward, however they are effective. To check out these conventions, designers should make sure that their logos be links for the website; that hitting a smaller image display a greater form of that image; that every links cause HTML documents unless they are clearly defined as some other format (PDS, movie, etc.); that merchandise is purchased by adding the crooks to a virtual shopping cart solution and after that taking them by having a virtual checkout process.

Website identity checks should invariably be accomplished by having a system that utilizes user names and passwords. These are just a number of the conventions. There are many others. Even if you need affordable web design services, don’t ever sacrifice security or identity checks.

If your website won’t follow these rules and conventions, visitors become annoyed, frustrated, and confused. Men and women will leave an online site inside a heartbeat whether it makes them work way too hard to navigate it.

You’ll find situations when the common web page design conventions could be ignored. One situation is if a site is really unique that just what it offers may be worth the time to understand how to use it.

When Google introduced its Gmail product, the 1st webmail service on earth that provided a gigabyte of storage space, an interface which uses Javascript to improve whole pages without reloading them was included. This is a diversion from web conventions, but the site did wonders who’s came into common use despite its departure from conventional design. The web page is starting to create new conventions of its own.

Designers must not start believing actually more essential in comparison with are actually. The roll-out of a new product or service does not always mean designers could get away with adding streaming video with a page without annoying people, for example.

Designers really should recognize the boundaries of their websites and work to make sure they are all the like other websites as possible regarding design and navigation.

The Critical Role Color Plays In Design

Color schemes are fun no matter what they are being used for. Color schemes come into play when decorating a room or painting a house. They are created for use in web pages, clothing, or arts and crafts. There is something joyous in looking at, planning, and working with colors and trying to make them fit, aesthetically, into a piece of work.

Colors send emotional messages, and they illustrate traditions, trends, or themes. Some of the most interesting color schemes are those applied to clothing.

In the 1970′s, for example, the trend was for neon-like colors. Pink and green were used together in for a spring fashion extravaganza, with these two solid colors used in tunics, shifts, skirts and pants. The two colors in combination provided a nearly psychedelic display that nearly always brought springtime back for anyone who wore them.

Even if you look at these colors together today, you will get the same feeling of spring.

Needlepoint patterns contain complicated and careful color schemes. These works use hundreds of shades of yarn and thread, and the artistic designer of a needlepoint pattern makes use of the appropriate color palettes by combining and integrating shades and hues of yarn or thread to create fine lines, details, sharp angles and shadows, and even degrees of light that make for a nearly photographic image.

In the profession of interior decorating, color schemes are also complex and demanding. They require much attention and a lot of study to be effective. The interior designer must think about things like where the light coming through a window will strike a particular color and how big a space will look if one color or another dominates it. These factors enter into the decisions of where to use particular colors in a home’s interior. The color wheel is available online at a number of web sites to help with color scheme decisions. There is also information online concerning the psychology of color and the impact that specific color combinations have on humans.

Color tools are also very useful in the area of web site design. Just like color schemes for offices and other interior design project, color schemes for web sites are very important to the overall success of the site. Color may even be more important online because most web sites are created to sell products or services, and designers want the site’s visitors to feel positive about their offerings.

Obviously the right design company can help you achieve these goals.

Using the appropriate color scheme and considering psychological factors that are related to color can make a site more successful. Different demographic factors, such as age, educational level, financial status, ethnicity, and others can be impacted through the presentation and layout of a web site. These elements of a site rely on color schemes to help them do the work of selling the product or service to a particular audience.

5 Huge Web Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

Today I want to share 5 huge web design strategies that can end up causing you a lot of grief. Avoid these at all costs.

Mistake #1: Creating a Website with Flash — Did you know in a recent study, top internet marketers discovered that having a website created with Flash, actually decreased the response from prospects and customers by as much as 370 percent?

Here’s why: Your prospects and customers are most likely visiting your website using all types of different computers, connection speeds and internet configuration settings…

What may look great to one visitor may not even appear for another! You could very easily have shelled out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have a website created using the Flash technology, only to find out that some of your visitors will never see it! (Not to mention the loading times can cause your visitor to close your site, never to return again.)

Mistake #2: The “Internet Catalog” Approach — You see this everywhere. Good, honest and hardworking businessmen and women get online to sell their products or services, and have a site created for them that contains a link to just about everything they offer on one page. Their thinking goes along the lines of, “…well, I don’t want to leave anyone out. If they come to my site, I want to make sure I have what they’re looking for…” — This way of thinking could not be further from the truth.

Here’s why: There’s an ancient rule that goes back to the very beginning of direct-marketing on the internet, taught by the richest, most legendary and well-respected internet marketers of all time…

“When you give your prospects too many choices, they become confused and aren’t sure what to do next. Confused people never buy anything.”

Mistake #3: Optimizing Your Sales Site for the Search Engines — You’ll see this taught in nearly every “internet marketing” course, manual or eBook out there… “You must optimize every page of your website for the search engines!” — In fact, this false teaching is accepted as ‘gospel truth’ so often that most web designers will offer to do this for you at no, or little extra cost. Need to know how to optimize your website? Follow the link for a detailed post.

What they don’t understand is that certain words and phrases must be either re-worded (to make it “keyword rich”) or taken out completely, just to be looked upon highly by the mighty search engines — and this could kill your sales, literally overnight.

Here’s why: When you or a hired web designer optimize your sales page (i.e. any web page designed to sell your products and services) to get a higher listing in the search engines, you’re going to have to sacrifice the pulling-power of your sales copy (i.e. written sales material) just to get those higher listings. Sure, this can bring you more traffic — but what good is all the traffic in the world, if your visitors arrive at your website and aren’t compelled enough to read why they should order your product?

For years, it has been taught that you should always try to find a “balance” of SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization) mixed with promotional copy designed to sell your products and services…


The truth is that you should never optimize your sales page for the Search Engines. Instead, you should create tiny “entry pages” for each keyword related to your product or service, (highly optimized for the Search Engines) and have them link to your main sales site! (We can show you exactly how to do this quickly and easily and get *massive* targeted traffic from the Search Engines – without ever *touching* your sales site!)

Mistake #4: Having a “Graphics-Based” Website — Sure, graphics can certainly help us to visualize a particular situation or circumstance, product or service… But did you know that having a graphically-driven website can actually distract your visitor away from your sales message?

After all, your sales message (or “web copy”) is The #-1 most important factor in a website that makes money. If your visitors are paying more attention to your “professional graphics” than your sales message… you’ve just lost another sale.

Here’s why: You’ve got approximately seven seconds from the time your visitor arrives at your site, to the time they decide whether to buy your product, get more information or leave. If you’ve got a graphically-intensive website, your website will most likely still be loading past your seven-second time limit.

That’s a “customer-killer” in and of itself – however, the real reason lies within the fact that the bigger, brighter and more beautiful your graphics are, the more they will distract your visitor from your sales message. And if your visitor is distracted even for one second, it could mean the difference between getting a sale, and losing a customer.

Mistake #5: Designing a Website with Zero Marketing Experience — Most web designers have no idea how to make money on the internet, with anything other than their design services. It’s not their fault – they simply have no or very little marketing and sales experience. After all, they’re just website designers…

To make your life easier, here’s some research we did about corporate web design. Feel free to use it for personal use.

Remember having your website designed by someone without internet marketing experience is like buying a street-car without an engine… it won’t go anywhere, and it’ll just waste your time and money!